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ICCROM 31st General Assembly There are so very many remnants of colonial times: sustaines lomit atsiliepimai hurt street names and statues that glorify people responsible for massacre and genocide, to objects in museums taken from their original owners, to the human remains of unidentified people held as collection artefacts.

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There is so much missing in our museums and cultural institutions: histories, stories and traditions of indigenous people and communities, their knowledge of collections and objects.

Coloniality is in many different ways more present than past.

Thematic Discussion: Decolonizing Heritage

In past years, a growing number of cultural institutions, nykščio artritas, museums across Europe, Northern America, Australia, are trying to tackle the challenge of decolonizing their institutions. They are aware that the collections they present and research often have a colonial or even racist background.

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Initially, decolonization referred to the process that former colonies underwent to free themselves of the colonial supremacy. Today the term has become much more than that: a philosophical, moral, social, spiritual and also activist call that points to the fact that we are still subject to the ideology of colonialism.

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Decolonizing is about questioning our institutions: how and why are some forms of knowledge given priority and authority over others? How do we organize and categorize knowledge?

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Who determines the selection and quality criteria of collections? Who decides what is presented and represented?

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How do we contribute to a renewal of the canon with stories and reference frames that have been systematically erased from it? In short: how do we change the focus, how do we alter our perspective?

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Decolonizing is about difficult conversations and reflections on the meaning of cultural institutions and sustaines lomit atsiliepimai hurt these institutions are intended to serve. It is about open and true dialogue with all members of communities and society, it is about sharing power and authority. Decolonizing is about cultural institutions becoming learning communities.

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About the necessity to create room for pečių artrito perspectives showing the different contexts that determine how we look at objects or themes. Four invited speakers, Dr. Wayne Modest, Dr. Shahid Vawda, Puawai Cairns and Dr. Sarah Pash, will present their views on these challenges, and how communities and other sustaines lomit atsiliepimai hurt can work together to confront historic injustices and ongoing inequalities, and promote the emergence of decolonial heritage practices.

Indeed, these terms are often used together to describe museum practices and departments aimed at the preservation of collections.

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Thinking from feminist and queer activist perspectives, this presentation explores care not as a logical couplet for conservation, but as a future-oriented horizon for imagining what conservation can become in times of decolonisation.

My presentation coincides with recent demands from diverse movements globally to decolonise museums.

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Increasingly, such critique has also focused on how museums confront their relationship with the colonial past, and concomitantly how they deal with the objects in their collections acquired during the colonial period. I will take ICCROM and ICOM, both part of what might be called the structure of global heritage governance, as starting points to think through what might be needed to decolonise conservation, and to transform it into a decolonial practice of care.

My presentation will not solely be theoretical in approach. I am particularly interested in injustices that rest on knowledges, or lack of knowledges, and current practices that have entanglements or connections from historical antecedents in a pre and colonial past.